Sundried? Why not.

With heat waves on the horizon looking good and keeping cool has never been so important....Read more

Running out of time?

I am running out of time. Really. I have no time to run. How do people...Read more
Life in the slow lane

Ever been injured?

Several weeks ago I suffered an injury that prevented me from running. Don’t worry this is...Read more

Run Run Run Conference

I feel fortunate to have attended the inaugural RUN RUN RUN! An International Festival of Running...Read more

What would you do if you won the lottery?

What would you do if you won the lottery? A fairly common topic of conversation amongst...Read more
Race reports

Holme Pierrepont Grand Prix

The Grand Prix series of races organised by Holme Pierrepont Running Club in Nottingham, invites a...Read more

It’s all about the Chi

21st-22nd June saw crowds of runners flocking to workshops at Lee Valley Athletics Centre in London...Read more
The Runner's Cafe

Oatless “Oatmeal”

If you’re grain- and sugar-free, this makes a delicious breakfast or post-run snack. If you’re not...Read more
Life in the slow lane

It’s all quite emotional isn’t it?

Without being too philosophical, sometimes a run is just a run. But sometimes it’s more than...Read more
Race reports

Forest Rec parkrun

For the good folk of Nottingham (and surrounding area) there is a cornucopia of choice when...Read more