Going wild

The Dodo Trail. A race like no other. Tough. Beautiful. Fun. Frightening. Step on a plane,...Read more
Life in the slow lane

The power of Scotland

Recently it hasn’t been a case of losing my running mojo completely, more like it’s been...Read more

Halo Headwear

‘Summer running had me a blast, sweaty head and hair gave me a rash‘* sing tunefully...Read more
Running through my mind

I don’t remember the name of a single PE teacher from school

I hated sport in school. There is no other way to describe how I felt: I...Read more

We’re going wild for Wyldsson

Food glorious food. Any exercise regime needs fuel and any person wanting to greatly improve their...Read more
Running through my mind

Catching Flies

At the end of last year, when I started getting ‘serious’ about running, I decided it...Read more
Race reports

Brighton Trailblazer

I love trail running and can often be found (or lost, in some cases) up on...Read more

Sundried? Why not.

With heat waves on the horizon looking good and keeping cool has never been so important....Read more

Running out of time?

I am running out of time. Really. I have no time to run. How do people...Read more
Life in the slow lane

Ever been injured?

Several weeks ago I suffered an injury that prevented me from running. Don’t worry this is...Read more